Friday, 8 February 2013

Blonde Bombshell by Tom Holt

Somewhere out there on a planet far far away canines have evolved into a technologically advanced species. About a thousand years more advanced than us if truth be told. All of which would be fine if some of the the doggies hadn't taken an intense disliking to Earth and sent a couple of planet buster bombs to wipe us from the face of the universe. Luckily Earth has some rather unexpected allies so all hope may not yet be lost. 

This book was an unexpected delight. Genuinely funny science fiction that is also very clever from an author I had never heard of. The story is fairly lightweight and the science is full of holes but point of this book isn't to make you think it is to entertain and make you laugh. Highly recommended.

Side note: I can't help thinking the title of the book is rather unfortunate. Although it is cleverly appropriate to the plot of the book it gives a very misleading impression of what the book is about and I think it may put off prospective readers.Just google "Blonde Bombshell" and see how many pages of pulchritude you have to go through before you find any mention of Tom Holt.

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