Saturday, 3 August 2013

Just a Geek by Will Wheaton

As a teenager Wheaton was a child star with an award winning film (Stand by Me) and a cult series (Star Trek The Next Generation) in his credits. At the height of his fame he left Star Trek to become a "serious actor". Sadly things didn't quite work out and fifteen years later Wheaton is an out of work actor struggling to pay the bills and support a family while constantly grappling with the thought that maybe quitting  Star Trek wasn't such a good idea. This entertainingly honest memoir details his struggles on the path to reinventing himself as a writer and blogger. Indeed the memoir borrows heavily on entries from his blog.

In addition to providing searingly honest insights into Wheaton's own struggles the book is an important record of an internet which may no longer exist. A time when geeks were still a major force on the web and blogging was a route to fame an possibly even fortune.

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